2560 1920 Kronometrix

Customers are happier when they can answer their own questions, using our new Kronometrix knowledge base. Welcome to our new…

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Sysrec Data Recorder

Sysrec Data Recorder 2560 1717 Kronometrix

Computer system performance data recorder. Kronometrix Data Recording, is an automatic, simple to use, data collection package. It has a small…

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Kronometrix Data Recording 1.6.1

Kronometrix Data Recording 1.6.1 1920 1136 Kronometrix

What’s New? Kronometrix Data Recording (KDR) module is an automatic, simple to use, data collection package. It has a small memory…

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Scalable Design

Scalable Design 2560 1440 Kronometrix

For Future Datacentres Clouds and Edge Computing Kronometrix is a distributed data fabric that is capable to receive and process…

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Fight and Stop COVID19

Fight and Stop COVID19 2560 1440 Kronometrix

There is growing evidence that the virus can remain airborne for longer times and further distances than originally thought. The…

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Data Recording 1.6

Data Recording 1.6 2560 1123 Kronometrix

We are working on several fixes and improvements for Kronometrix Data Recording module from ICT to IoT. Kronometrix Data Recording…

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Smart Alarms

Smart Alarms 2560 2304 Kronometrix

What are Kronometrix Smart Alarms? Kronometrix is a distributed data management fabric that is capable of receiving and processing many different…

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Kronometrix IoT Gateway

Kronometrix IoT Gateway 2342 2180 Kronometrix

What is K1? Kronometrix K1 is a simple to use, automatic data collection and transport utility with a small system…

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Mathematica 12

Mathematica 12 1920 1080 Kronometrix

Improving Kronometrix Analytics Thank you Wolfram for your support and help, related to Mathematica and Kronometrix Data Analytics. We are a small…

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2 Billion Metrics

2 Billion Metrics 2560 1807 Kronometrix

Over 2 Billion Metrics Served Kronometrix data analytics platform as a service, is hosted and operated by Kronometrix Analytics Finland,…

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