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Smart Alarms

Smart Alarms 2560 2304 Kronometrix

What are Kronometrix Smart Alarms? Kronometrix is a distributed data management fabric that is capable of receiving and processing many different…

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Kronometrix IoT Gateway

Kronometrix IoT Gateway 2342 2180 Kronometrix

What is K1? Kronometrix K1 is a simple to use, automatic data collection and transport utility with a small system…

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Mathematica 12

Mathematica 12 1920 1080 Kronometrix

Improving Kronometrix Analytics Thank you Wolfram for your support and help, related to Mathematica and Kronometrix Data Analytics. We are a small…

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2 Billion Metrics

2 Billion Metrics 2560 1807 Kronometrix

Over 2 Billion Metrics Served Kronometrix data analytics platform as a service, is hosted and operated by Kronometrix Analytics Finland,…

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1.8.6 Release

1.8.6 Release 3513 2484 Kronometrix

What’s New ? The new Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform, release 1.8.6 includes new features, fixes and security updates for data…

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K500 3508 2481 Kronometrix

Digital Measurements Information Technology, Industrial IoT, Weather and Environment Designed to process lots of data, suitable for ISV, data-centres, public…

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IAQ BreatheWell

IAQ BreatheWell 3000 2000 Kronometrix

Rent a complete Indoor Air Quality solution to analyse the air quality at your home or workplace. People spend most…

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City Air Pollution

City Air Pollution 3000 1993 Kronometrix

Air pollution presents a major problem in modern society, directly affecting everyone’s health. Air pollution presents a major problem in…

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K50 3508 2481 Kronometrix

Digital Measurements Information Technology, Industrial IoT, Weather and Environment. A data analytics platform for industrial IoT, weather and environment supporting…

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Edge Computing

Edge Computing 2342 2180 Kronometrix

Runs in a public cloud provider, data-center or on the edge network Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform is built using open-source…

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