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Customers are happier when they can answer their own questions, using our new Kronometrix knowledge base.

Welcome to our new support website, built on top of a powerful knowledge base, storing different type of materials for all our customers and users. We are working to publish every week, new articles, how-to guides or FAQ lists, so come and visit regularly to get access to latest documentation, covering Kronometrix, from industrial IoT sensors and device to ICT enterprise data recording and analysis.

What’s New?

Thank you, to our customers and users for valuable feedback during 2020. We have redesigned our support website, such way it is possible now to store a very large number of articles, with powerful search and indexing capabilities, have support for user feedback, to let us improve the documentation and offer better services. Using our knowledge base, you can start to find the right information you are looking for:

  • basic introduction to Kronometrix, what is it and how to use it
  • how to get started with Kronometrix SaaS service
  • what options you have to run Kronometrix on-premises

and many other categories. Kronometrix is a data fabric, which connects to a wide variety of data sources: everything from IoT devices, ICT enterprise to weather and environment sensors. To see your data, it is very important to understand Kronometrix capabilities, from deployment to operation, for your own business.

Getting Started

Want to run Kronometrix, but you don’t know how? Have a virtualization platform, inside your network and you would like to try Kronometrix on-premises or deploy it closer to sensors and devices for edge and fog computing? Start here, to find the correct material to help you get started.

Installation and Setup

From data recorders, for ICT enterprise or industrial IoT, to data visualization and analytics, find how to install and setup Kronometrix for different workloads and applications. Short guides to help you find the most important information, without spending time to read long manuals.

Technical Details

Wanna check if Kronometrix is able to run on your hardware? Visit and read the technical specification documents, for all our products and services. This is the place you want to check, for updates and news about Kronometrix running and supporting different sensors, devices or system architectures.


We have dedicated a new section to cover and store Kronometrix user guides, ready for printing or read online. We are currently working to update and publish new updates and improvements for our user guides. Please check regularly to get the latest versions and updates for Kronometrix user guides.

Need more help?

If you need more help, check out Kronometrix FAQ, which includes lot of questions and answers from data recorders to data analytics. Ask and find answers, get unlimited support joining our discussion forums. Wanna know more ? Please visit Kronometrix Data Fabric to learn more or contact us.

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