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Measure your ICT enterprise services, web applications, operating system instances, no matter of your cloud provider.

Kronometrix CloudView is an enterprise service designed to track your cloud infrastructure usage and keep you aware of changes before they happen. Includes:

  • real-time performance analysis of your operating systems, storage and enterprise services
  • end-user performance and availability of web applications and websites, Internet services
  • validity of X.509 security certificates 
  • a complete managed services support package, 8×5 or 24×7 for continuous service operations, including incident management and root-cause analysis

Inside your network

By using Kronometrix you can easily find out either if your cloud instance is the right type and size, or whether your internal ICT infrastructure, ranging from operating systems and  storage to enterprise services are properly configured, highly available and fast enough for your customers.

We shall measure and analyze the service availability and performance,  for example:

  • NGINX, Apache, PHP-FPM,  Lighttpd, WordPress 
  • Memcached, Tomcat, JBOSS, MariaDB, GlassFish, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

End-user performance and availability

Check the efficiency, availability and performance of your digital services as seen by the customers from outside your internal network, measured from different geolocation points. This way you can avoid service outage and ensure your service availability and performance.

How does it help you?

The service includes a managed service package, which will help you to stop fire-fighting and focus on whatever matters most to your business, by allowing Kronometrix operation team to keep all your critical services running.

Same time, using Kronometrix CloudView you can quickly understand how well your services are functioning, what you need to correct and improve, checking if:

  • your applications are properly configured and tuned for your users
  • your cloud instances are the right type and size for your workloads
  • you use slow and inefficient 3rd parties providers for storage or network resources
  • you run your services, with open security vulnerabilities

If you need more information about our service, please visit Kronometrix CloudView, check out CloudView FAQ or contact us.

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