Kronometrix Data Recording 1.6.1

Kronometrix Data Recording 1.6.1

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What’s New?

Kronometrix Data Recording (KDR) module is an automatic, simple to use, data collection package. It has a small memory and system footprint, available for ICT enterprise and industrial IoT. You can run Kronometrix Data recording as a standalone package on various hardware equipment from Intel/AMD x64 to ARM64, or use Kronometrix IoT Gateway, which includes all software modules, delivered as a ready bootable image for Raspberry PI computers.

We have released Kronometrix Data Recording, version 1.6.1, which includes several improvements and security fixes:

  • certrec bug fixes for SSL record ‘SSL3_AL_FATAL
  • webrec improvements and bug fixes
  • Libcurl 7.73.0 update
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1h update
  • CPAN Oct 2020 update
  • Perl 5.32.0 update

Thank you Pilvi Cloud Company for help regarding X.509 security certificates. Please visit our project homepage, join the discussions to stay updated with the latest news about 1.6 release.

Getting Started

There are several options how to start using Kronometrix Data Recording.

  1. Clone Kronometrix Data Recording repository
  2. Download data recording package for your operating system
  3. Purchase Kronometrix IoT Gateway

You can directly clone the data recording repository and have access to all source code, including all data recorders, transport utilities or download a ready made binary package for Unix/Linux operating systems.

The advantage of running Kronometrix K1 IoT Gateway, is that you get access to a ready 64bit bootable image for Raspberry PI computers, which will help you to connect and use several sensors and devices, using different communication protocols not available on the standard data recording package:

  • SERIAL RS232 / 485
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Beta)

Additional, every K1 customers will receive commercial 8×5 or 24×7 support for the product.

All Kronometrix registered customers, will automatically receive access to the latest data recording package. For all CloudView services and managed services contracts we will automatically update the data recording package for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Kronometrix Data Recording, K1 IoT Gateway or other Kronometrix technologies.

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