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Improving Kronometrix Analytics

Thank you Wolfram for your support and help, related to Mathematica and Kronometrix Data Analytics. We are a small company, developing our own analytics platform, tools and utilities, from data collection to visualization and reporting, and we need to make sure every chart, summary statistics or realtime indicator are technical correct. To get there, we have started some time back, to use and develop around Mathematica different data validation procedures for our own data visualization and summary statistics operations.

Using Mathematica

At Kronometrix Analytics we rely on Mathematica 12 to check and validate our products, using directly raw data, to visualize or compute different summary statistics and functions.

Data Visualization

Kronometrix charting library uses Data-Driven Documents a very powerful data visualization framework. Every chart or time series data presented and displayed by Kronometrix must be validated and checked against a different  data visualisation platform, like Mathematica. For this we test different data sets from Kronometrix to Mathematica and compare the visual output results.

Summary Statistics

Kronometrix Data analytics platform offers a number of built-in summary statistics functions, like MIN, MAX, PERCENTILE, VARIANCE, SUM etc which can be applied to different data feeds: real-time sensory data, aggregates or directly using original raw data. We use Mathematica’s internal functions to check the output and results of different Kronometrix summary statistics functions for different data sets.

Raw data and exploratory analytics

An important advantage of running Kronometrix, is that you always have the original recorded data, the raw data, centralized and consolidated on the platform, no matter of the type of your data sources. This means you have multiple options to conduct any type of data analysis you want: using Kronometrix, Mathematica or any other analytics or data visualization application.

Kronometrix has the ability to process and visualize these raw data sets. We are improving Kronometrix to be able to offer different mechanisms and options to display and present raw data for enduser in different ways. At the same time we are exploring the possibility to use different analytics engines, like Wolfram Engine to offer even more options and processing power for data exploration.

What’s New ?

Lots of new features and improvements are available on the latest version of Mathematica 12, available now from Wolfram site. Here are some of the very important features:

and many others. For more information about Wolfram Mathematica, please contact Wolfram or visit their web site and store.

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