2 Billion Metrics

2 Billion Metrics

2 Billion Metrics 2560 1807 Kronometrix

Over 2 Billion Metrics Served

Kronometrix data analytics platform as a service, is hosted and operated by Kronometrix Analytics Finland, including support and 24×7 incident management. The service has been operational since 2015 hosting over 150 users and data from different industries. Today the service has received and analyzed over 2 billion metrics from different data sources and devices.

Management and Observability

Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform offers an administrative and observability layer for all system components from system and resource utilization to user and data subscription management, summary statistics, and alarms. This administrative layer sets and checks all necessarily parameters to operate and manage properly Kronometrix data analytics platform.

A special role, the platform operator, it is used to access platform’s internal resources, in a secure way, without compromising user private data. Such way the platform can process a high number of operations for all its users,  same time offering visibility to the platform’s performance and availability.

Wanna know and learn more ? Check our video introduction about platform’s real-time data feed and operational status.

Getting Started

Simple to subscribe and use, no installation required, nothing to administer and maintain. Kronometrix SaaS has been designed for SMEs, DevOps, ICT infrastructure, IoT providers to analyse and visualise different data sets, as a service.

  1. Registration

    Create your initial account to get started using different data subscriptions: ICT, weather or environment. Select a plan for all your data sources based on your business and service level agreement.

  2. Provision Data

    Setup Data Recording module or directly stream your data to Kronometrix platform for analysis and visualization.

  3. See and Act

    Check your data, instantaneous values, trends and historical data using simple and rich user-interface based applications.

If you have any questions about Kronometrix SaaS service or other products or services,  please contact us for more information.

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