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Nexetic Oy has selected Kronometrix CloudView service to measure, analyse and manage the entire ICT infrastructure, from virtual machines and physical servers to Internet services and web applications. Kronometrix CloudView is an enterprise cloud performance and availability monitoring service for IaaS, PaaS, or operating system computing infra, including support and 24×7 incident management.

Kronometrix CloudView was simple and easy to setup offering immediate access to performance, availability and inventory metrics from all ICT infrastructure: operating systems, web and enterprise services: NGINX, MariaDB, Memcached, MongoDB, external storage systems like EMC Isilon, ECS, ACloud, and security certificates.

Using Kronometrix Smart Alarms, the operations team is able to react in time to the most important incidents, keeping all services running, at the same time offering visibility to Nexetic business, related to:

  • data-centre provider performance and availability
  • applications and services availability, performance and security
  • current and future solution architecture

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