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Web Performance

How fast are your web services and applications? Kronometrix Data Recording module, an open-source software contains a data recorder, called webrec. The recorder can keep track of one or many web applications response time, using time to first byte (TTFB) method, the status and operational availability. This way you can make sure your web applications are properly functioning and are available for your customers.

Main Features

  • HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Cookies support
  • Non blocking asynchronous interface
  • Website group support
  • JSON based configuration file
  • Simple to process large number of websites
  • No multi-threading complexity
  • Support for raw data
  • Error log handling and reporting
  • Uses SSL, libcurl, perl5

How does it work?

webrec is a command-line interface utility (CLI), part of Kronometrix Data Recording module. It does require the data recording software stack to operate.  All data recorders are built using Perl5 programming language on top of several open-source software libraries like: libcurl and openssl.

The recorder can run interactively, to troubleshoot or investigate a performance problem, or it can run continuously as a background process for performance analysis and capacity planning. The recorder has a low system footprint in terms of CPU and memory consumption and it is capable to process one or many web requests.

By default, webrec executes all web requests, one by one. This can be time consuming for large number of web sites. To speed-up things, the recorder offers a simple non-blocking async mode, which does not rely on threads to process groups of requests at once.

The data collected is simple displayed on your terminal screen, or saved on a raw datafile on disk for future analysis.

Getting Started

There are a number of options how to start using webrec. You can directly clone the data recording repository and have access to all source code and data recorders, including webrec, or download a ready made binary package for Unix/Linux operating systems. For 24×7 business environments which require commercial support you can purchase Kronometrix K1 gateway which has everything included and configured.

  1. Clone Kronometrix Data Recording repository
  2. Download data recording package for your operating system
  3. Purchase Kronometrix K1 IoT Gateway

Please contact us for more information about webrec and Kronometrix technologies.

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