1.8.6 Release

1.8.6 Release

1.8.6 Release 3513 2484 Kronometrix

What’s New ?

The new Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform, release 1.8.6 includes new features, fixes and security updates for data recording module (KDR), analytics module (KA). The new release will be available during June 2019 for all registered and new customers. The platform analytics is available as a service (SaaS) version, under kronometrix.io and on-premise products: K50 and K500.

Data Recording

  • Update latest 1.3.22 for ARM64, AMD64, X64 (64bit only)
  • 32bit systems are deprecated, not supported anymore, including all platforms
  • Improvements for serial ASCII-POLLED devices
  • Support for new weather devices: Vaisala QML201, HMP155, WxT520
  • Improvements for air quality devices: Vaisala AQT410, AQT420
  • Support for network cameras: AXIS Q1615-E MkII. AXIS Q6052-E PTZ 
  • Better error handling and reporting for serial communication
  • HTTP/HTTPS transport: error handling improvements 
  • Update OpenSSL 1.1.1c
  • Update libcurl 7.65.1

For all registered customers Kronometrix Data Recording comes pre-installed with the platform analytics. More information please visit Kronometrix Data Recording, available  as open-source software.


The data analytics and visualisation module Kronometrix Analytics (KA) has been updated to support ARM 64bit systems, improve the built-in applications and enhance the platform performance and security, including:

  • OpenResty update (ARM64 support)
  • Redis update 4.0.14 (ARM64 support)
  • Platform management and observability new features
  • Platform security new DDoS protection
  • Improvements for ICT, Weather and Environment
  • Screen Capture new feature
  • Smart Alarms improvements
  • Health-check data feed improvements
  • New Summary Statistic Functions and improvements
  • Data provisioning start page improvements
  • Faster built-in applications, load and rendering time
  • ICT End-User performance availability fixes
  • Indoor Air Quality user interface fixes and improvements
  • Aviation meteorology improvements
  • General meteorology improvements

Please contact us for more information about Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform SaaS or on-premise versions.

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