IAQ BreatheWell

IAQ BreatheWell

IAQ BreatheWell 3000 2000 Kronometrix

Rent a complete Indoor Air Quality solution to analyse the air quality at your home or workplace.

People spend most of their time indoors while being completely unaware of the quality of the air they are breathing. Many factors can degrade the quality of the surrounding air. Biological: viruses, bacteria, pollen, moulds. Chemical: adhesives, solvents, paints, cleaners. Particulates: dust, fireside smoke. Indoor air pollution presents a major hazard, directly affecting everyone’s health: children, the elderly, and office workers. To combat this problem you need to know and check the air quality at home or office environment.

Kronometrix continuously tracks key environmental metrics in order to analyze the quality of the indoor air: carbon dioxide (CO2), air temperature (T), relative humidity (RH) , volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and particulates PM2.5, PM10. The measurements are delivered for analytics conversion, using a visual and intuitive application, showing all instantaneous values, trends and historical data for up to one year. The air quality sensor equipment is manufactured by a well established company in the field of environmental measurements.

As well as maintaining good health and well-being, Kronometrix can also help you reduce your energy costs

Not all IAQ measuring devices are the same. There are different factors that can directly affect the measurements: gas concentration levels, normal and seasonal fluctuations during sampling period, the total cost. Taking one single data measurement reading, might not be enough to assess the indoor air quality. Continuous measurement over a longer period of time to produce more air samples ensure more comprehensive data to analyse and understand.

Get started today and order our integrated solution for your home or office space.

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