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Measure your applications, services, and operating systems no matter who provides your cloud service.

An enterprise cloud monitoring service for IaaS, PaaS, or OS computing infrastructure including support and incident management. A simple way to track of your Cloud infrastructure usage and keep aware of changes before they happen. Includes:

In-depth performance analysis of your cloud instances, and operating system End user performance analysis for your websites, enterprise services, and your X.509 security certificates LAMP, WAMP, J2EE web solution stack monitoring A complete managed services support package

Kronometrix CloudView is an enterprise service designed to keep track of the performance, availability, configuration for public and private cloud operators. Cloud View focuses on several key factors: operating system performance, website performance and availability, services performance and availability of SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS, LDAP, AD, X.509 security certificate expiration, performance analysis for complete solution stacks: LAMP, WAMP, J2EE coupled to a managed support  package. 

Find out if you are using the correct cloud instance types and ensure your web services are fast enough for your customers.

We build our own tools and data analytics platform. There is no need for other performance monitoring systems. Using Kronometrix Analytics Platform you can easily keep track of your instances, web sites, enterprise services in terms of availability, response time, utilisation and inventory, at low cost.

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