End-User Performance

End-User Performance

End-User Performance 3000 2130 Kronometrix

Performance, Availability and Security in a simple package

How are your web and internet enterprise services performing outside your network, in terms of performance and availability ? Do you know what is slow and what is fast ? Do you know your service availability from different geo-location points in Europe, Asia or the Americas ? Kronometrix is offering the end-user performance data subscription to analyse these aspects.

Keep track of your web sites, and services like: POP3, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, DNS, SSH2, HTTP, AD along with your security certificates, without worrying that they will expire before you know:

  • web sites response time, availability and errors
  • enterprise services performance and availability
  • X.509 certificates availability and expiration time
  • top view across web sites, including fastest, slowest

Simple to setup, easy to follow-up

Kronometrix SaaS version is offering a complete solution including the capabilities to measure and analyse Web, Internet Services like SMTP, IMAP, POP, LDAP, AD, DNS and X509 security certificates. The measurements are conducted from a number of node injectors, running Data Recording from various geo locations using public cloud providers, carefully selected for performance and availability. The node injectors are deployed, configured, and 24×7 monitored and maintained by Kronometrix team. Customer does not need to perform any work except to communicate the list of the services required to be analysed. Kronometrix team is responsible to setup new injectors based on customers requirements on various locations, if needed, as many times if required.

Please contact us for more information abut Kronometrix End-User Performance.

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