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Edge Computing

Edge Computing 2342 2180 Kronometrix

Runs in a public cloud provider, data-center or on the edge network

Kronometrix Data Analytics Platform is built using open-source software providing all the necessary functionalities in a simple package: consistent data recording across several operating systems, instant access to raw data, ready-made objects for various industries and applications and  in-memory database for powerful analysis.

The platform analytics shares the same internal modules and components no matter of the usage: service (SaaS) or on-premise product. From operating system, in-cache memory database, to the statistical numerical and visualization processing engine, Kronometrix is easy to adapt for different usages and workloads.

Based on open-source software, like OpenResty, Redis and FreeBSD

Simple to deploy at the edge of the network, closer to devices, sensors and industrial equipment, Kronometrix K50 product is designed to run on Single-Board Computers (SBC), like Raspberry PI or different ARM boards, using 64bit architecture. This  way Kronometrix can easily be embedded and used on a various number of projects where traditional installation and setup cannot be applied. K50 can be purchased as a ready ARM based image for various boards. Please contact us for more information about K50

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