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Internet, Web Hosting service, Co-location and Data-Centres providers

For large and dense installations, like infrastructure providers,  Kronometrix, can reduce costs in operations using a smart and simple way to collect, analyse and report data from ICT infrastructure, like computer systems, network and storage equipments and non-ICT facilities in terms of performance, availability, security and inventory, by consolidating multiple data on a single analytics platform.

Kronometrix can analyse your computer systems, services, network performance, availability and inventory changes. It can understand your planned maintenance breaks, at the data source or device level, correctly calculating the operational availability. Requiring no maintenance, easy access to raw data, simple applications built using standard HTML5 and Javascript, makes Kronometrix the best data platform analytics for Information Communications and Technology.

Be productive and stay up to date to whatever matters most with Smart Alarms

Reduces the number of repetitive alarms based on a smart and efficient mechanism using the frequency and duration of the event alarms. This means less false positive email or SMS notifications to the operation management personnel, time saving and better productivity. How do we do this ?

We keep track of Frequency which is the rate at which events need to occur in order for an alarm to be issued and their Duration, the time during which a set of contiguous data samples must meet the threshold condition. Knowing these two factors we can considerable lower the number of false alarms in ICT organisations.

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