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City Air Pollution

City Air Pollution 3000 1993 Kronometrix

Air pollution presents a major problem in modern society, directly affecting everyone’s health. Air pollution presents a major problem…

Aviation Meteorology

Aviation Meteorology 3688 2459 Kronometrix

Increased precipitation, extreme weather and changing wind conditions are main challenges for air navigation. Kronometrix provides right out of…

ICT Providers

ICT Providers 3000 2130 Kronometrix

Internet, Web Hosting service, Co-location and Data-Centres providers For large and dense installations, like infrastructure providers,  Kronometrix, can reduce…

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Air Quality


Software Developers and Infra Providers


General and Aviation Meteorology

End-User Performance 3000 2130 Kronometrix

End-User Performance

Performance, Availability and Security in a simple package How are your web and internet enterprise services performing outside your…

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JVMTune 3000 2250 Kronometrix


Usually Java applications are deployed with default settings not suitable for production usage. JVMTune is a specialised performance analysis…

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